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Many apologies for the radio silence. There’s been very little action at my end although I have another post in the works. Tonight’s post is another short story – the product of going months without being tied up and fucked. It’s a mixture of fantasy and reality. Enjoy!


You enter his bedroom and stand at the door. He’s on his computer and his back is facing you.

You half whisper a “hello” and he swivels around in the computer change. He doesn’t say a word, but looks at your for a couple of seconds, his face blank. There is a feeling of dread in your stomach – is he angry at you for some unknown reason?

And then he speaks: “Stand there,” pointing at a spot in front of him in the middle of the room, “and strip.”

You silently breath a sigh of relief and make your way forward into the room. You drop your bag at the foot of the bed, slip off your shoes and make your way to your appointed spot in front of him. He looks at you as you take your clothes off – tee shirt first, which you unceremoniously fling behind you, followed by your jeans which slip down easily. You bend down to pull off the stripy, odd socks you rushed to put on that morning and ball them up. They join the pile of clothing behind you.

He looks you up and down as you stand there, shivering slightly in the cold room, clad in underwear which doesn’t match. He stands up and you look up at him, feeling the warmth emanating from his clothed being. “And the underwear.” He says quietly, moving away from you and towards the bed. You unsnap your bra first, dropping it at your feet, and then your knickers.

He removes a coil of rope from it’s hook on the wall and the feeling of dread you had earlier is replaced by excitement.

He comes back to stand in front of you and begins to uncoil the rope. “Hair up.” He commands.

You grasp your hair in your hands and hold it up so he can bring the rope around your neck and down to your breasts. It feels smooth as it snakes around you. You gasp for breath as it begins to tighten around your chest. You can feel yourself getting wetter with every knot. It snakes down between your legs, resting on your cunt lips. He forces your hands behind your back and binds them to the chest harness.

And then he turns you around to see yourself in the mirror. Cheeks flushed, breasts forced outwards by your posture and the tightness of the rope around them and he is stood next to you, in his jeans and a tee shirt, his hair tied behind him and hanging down his back. It is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.

He leads you to the bed. You kneel in the middle of it and he helps you lie stomach down, head resting on a pillow. You close your eyes in eager anticipation. There is the sound of various implements being removed from their spots on the wall.

And then the first strike.



From bottom to top

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Before this year, I didn’t have many sex toys. All I’d had was a Rampant Rabbit from Ann Summers, which was a merely adequate clitoral stimulator with a spinny-roundy-buzzy bit attached to the top. I was eighteen at the time of purchase and far too scared to go into a sex store, imagining them to be dark, seedy places where men would look through peepholes at girls in the changing room. It was a few years later before I worked up the courage to go into Harmony on Oxford Street – now my favourite sex shop – and take a look at the vibes they had there.  After spending £25 on a lovely silicon vibe – half of what I’d spent on the rabbit – I was absolutely convinced that this was the shop for all my needs.

Skip to the beginning of this year, and I was just embarking on my strange non-relationship with M. He’d mentioned that he had a few sex toys that he’d collected for use on the  ladies, which I’d taken to mean that he had a few bullet vibrators tucked away. He wanted me to purchase a few more toys for myself, so I picked up some of Fun Factory’s Smartballs as well as a cheapish vibe from Adrian Lastic.

The vibe was nothing to write home about – a fairly standard-powered vibe with some decent vibration patterns and shape and colour which looked good when I demonstrated it over webcam. The balls were a different story, however – pretty good when I had them in for a few hours, with a definite improvement in the strength of my kegals. I liked the low price point combined with the smooth and cheerful design of the Smartballs, so I decided to keep my eye on Fun Factory’s toys as they arrived at Harmony.

Being a noisy sort of person and knowing that it was soon to be M’s birthday. I decided to purchase a purple suede ballgag that I’d been eyeing up for a few months. Although it matches the flogger we have, the stays seem rather too big; I’ll have to DIY some extra straps to hold it in place. Being the sort of girl who would quite like to bone another girl and also has urges to grow a peen after reading yaoi, I decided to get one of Fun Factory’s Stubs feeldoes  that I’d seen on display but hadn’t had the urge to buy yet.

The staff helping me at Harmony were lovely as usual; two rather camp chaps who ran around trying to find me the best feeldo they could. Their main selling point of the Stubs was that it could be thrown into the dishwasher – I couldn’t resist their practically-minded charms! They promised me “your fella’s gonna love it” – I had to just hope he was a little open-minded about it.

Skip to today, and I’ve just found that M has a rather delightful weak spot that leaves him wriggling around beneath me on my bed and mewling like a cat in heat. I’ve been tending to it for at least half an hour, and his dick’s leaked precum over my freshly-washed sheets. It’s a rare occasion that I appear to be in control of our sexual relations – in fact I doubt it’s ever happened before. I’m just thinking about how much fun it’d be to fuck him when he suggests it’d be a good time to try out my new toy. Looks like I’m topping from the bottom.

I take little convincing, and soon we’re both all lubed up. One thing to note about the Stubs is that it can seem quite big at first glance – it’s not the sort of toy you can push into yourself without a little lubricant. I also found that my muscles aren’t quite strong enough yet to hold it in place without my fingers  – the Fun Factory site suggests using a harness, which may be something to invest in. The shape of the toy as it sits on your mons veneris (a fancier word for fanny) is lovely – it creates a little vacuum that seems to suck quite gently on your clit, making it fun when you’re pushing and pulling up against the toy.

The dick-that-goes-in-him is a decent size without being intimidating, and M needs no real warming up to take it. Although I find it difficult to get the angle correct – it turns out I’m short and stumpy of leg – soon enough I’m pushing into him like a pro. From the noises he makes I’m certain he’s enjoying it too. I’ve never heard him moan so wantonly, and I find our roles are reversed – I enjoy calling him a slut, although I’m being a little catty when I say that. What followed was a four-hour session of moaning, sex, dirty talk and fantasy sharing. And I’m willing to put that down to my new two-way friend.

So, we walk away from this with three very important lessons:

  • Fun Factory, don’t ever stop making toys. And send me a DeLight Click N Charge.
  • Boys, you have a whole world of fun in your butt – and that’s great. Don’t be afraid to explore!
  • Harmony, get a website so I can bloody link to you because I love you.

A First Time for Everything

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It was with a mixture of nervousness and excitement that I made my way from London on Sunday to Sweet Torments at The Vanilla Alternative, a swingers club and hotel in the deepest depths of the Bedfordshire countryside. My partner J, had told me it would be simply delightful – with a hot tub, an acre of outdoor playspace, nudity and all that other fun stuff. It would be my first time playing in public – having been on the scene for around 8 months or so I simply haven’t had a chance to go to an event with either of my partners and I have yet to meet anyone compatible with me.

The venue itself was delightful – the nicest I have ever been in. It oozed luxury.  Unfortunately, due to curious ramblers, nudity was now forbidden outdoors and the play equipment was instead set up in a huge marquee. After getting my bearings and being given the grand tour (and a chance to change from my jeans and tee to a camisole and stupidly short skirt) J and I made our way to the marquee to play.

The benches were all in use and so, after having me strip down to a level I would be comfortable with – down to my underwear (how I wish I had worn a nicer bra than my ratty beige affair!) and leaving on my pearls, knee high socks and boots – J had me put on a lovely pair of black suede cuffs and lead me over to one of the suspension frames, where he proceeded to tie my hands up high in the air.

After starting off with some light spanking, arse punching and flogging, J blindfolded me; which I enjoyed very much as it allowed me to lose myself in all of the lovely sensations. Harder spanking and harder flogging on my arse and back were next, mixed in with a delightful pinwheel (a favourite of mine) being trailed over all sorts of places.

The loveliness was broken by the placement of a large toy tarantula being placed atop my head and the knowledge that we had now gained an audience. J told me that should the toy fall off my head that bad things would happen. Challenge accepted! As my little audience attempted to distract me enough to make it fall, J continued to flog me – this time with a smaller, stingy flogger on my breasts and stomach.

Unfortunately we had to cut the scene short as my hip had started to ache, as it does when I stand for a period of time. It was incredibly frustrating as I knew I could have gone longer and could have been pushed a lot farther. J hugged me tightly and I left the marquee with the knowledge that he was very proud of what I had done.

A while later, as I sat in the company of my two friends, receiving many hugs and fussings, J asked if I would care to take part in his personal record breaking attempt at having as many people give him a blowjob as possible. I was initially rather apprehensive – it has not been long since I first broke my hard limit of actually being able to give oral, let alone in a group setting!

Being fully clothed and surrounded by pretty naked people (all of which had been in the hot tub which accounted for said nudity) relaxed me slightly and we started off with me and another of J’s partner’s, E, giving the actual oral whilst a lovely man, R, lay underneath J and made him squeak as he did things to his arsehole!

We later took it in turns, as the logistics of the whole thing made it quite difficult and we were joined by another lovely lady called M. However it was R who brought J to climax and had him speaking in tongues as he came. It was actually pretty hilarious to watch.

Later J told me he was extremely proud of me, as he had thought I wouldn’t have taken part and for the fact that I was so good with very little experience.

The rest of the night was a pretty chilled out affair, lounging on the sofas and chatting until J had to go take our friends to the train station, an hour away. I was left in the company of J’s fiancee, R, who suggested we head to the hot tub to wind down for the night.

As we prepared to do so, R became distracted by vampire gloves belonging to a lovely young man called T. Vampire gloves are so very nice – especially when you’re as into sensation play as I am! We both ended up cuddling with him as he stroked our backs and arms. At the point when it was becoming quite sore on our arms, we suggested he join us in the hot tub.

Being surrounded by naked mostly middle-aged people made me feel a little bit more comfortable about being naked in front of strangers – after all I probably will never see them again and why should I be ashamed of my body? I have it on good authority that I have a pretty good body.

The hot tub was very relaxing, even with the random couple fucking in it (and yes I was squicked out about sharing water with them). Luckily they left shortly after we got in and we had the tub to ourselves, which meant I got a bit of a swim in because it was a HUGE tub.

We chatted with T, and there was a little bit of groping, which I didn’t mind at all – I was still on an endorphin high and pretty fucking horny and so I did not object when he asked if he could finger me. And my! He was very skilled with his fingers. It did not take me long to reach the brink – and when he counted down from 3 I came on queue.

I don’t regret an ounce of that lovely night – except the fact T and I don’t live closer to each other! How incredibly frustrating to meet someone you’re potentially compatible with only to have them live hundreds of miles away! Hopefully I will needle J into taking me to more events in his area – I do love the Bristol scene, but sometimes getting out of it is a lot of fun too!

Le weekend du herp derp

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Hello blog, it’s been a while. M and I have been working silly hours recently, so it’s only this weekend that we were able to relax and get together for some fun. We’d been planning to go to an event in the Midlands and took the excuse to book into a hotel.
I love hotels; they’re exciting to explore and play in. It’s a little bit of escapism – when you’re used to playing in the same bedroom it can be inspiring to try somewhere new. Although this one didn’t have a gorgeous view that we could overlook as M took me (I plan on booking a room at the Mint hotel overlooking the Thames for his birthday) it was enough to make it more exciting than usual.
Admittedly it didn’t start off great. We’d been having a nice morning snuggling and having slightly lazy vanilla sex when, without warning, M decided to get a little rough. Now, I’m all for this normally- I both suggest and enjoy it – but the sudden switch between affection and this was a little much.
He’s pulling and squeezing at my tits with such force that there’s still marks on them now; usually I like this, but the Pill’s made them more tender than normal and it hurts like nothing else in the world. Automatically I go to pull him from me but he bats my hands away. I try to cope but I can’t, and soon there’s noises coming from me that I can’t help, moans that can’t be deciphered. When he tells me to be quiet I try, but it’s difficult – I simply do not have enough self-control to stop my whimpering. He slaps me across the face and orders me again, with more venom this time.
 Immediately I’m out of the game; I didn’t realise he was playing and he didn’t realise I didn’t know. He apologises and takes care of me, as he always does, but it’s knocked me back a little. I’m still exploring my limits, and thought I had a good handle on what I would and would not do. Finding myself unconsciously pulling out from a situation I thought I could handle has upset me, as I’d gotten into this with the idea of pushing myself as far as I could.
I’m not adverse to being slapped at all, and I can see how in a scene it’d be amazingly hot. But this episode has shown me how important it is to communicate with my partner. He should have made it clear that the situation had changed, and I should have used our safeword. It feels like giving up, but it would have saved us a lot of upset.
Things go better for us the next day. We’re watching some hentai – I think there was a dude who turned into a tentacle, or some idols who needed help with their careers, or something equally as improbable – when he pulls me on top of him. I’ve never been good at being on top – I thought it required the sort of bouncing that only those with spring-loaded kneecaps could pull off – but he holds me closer to him and lets me move in whatever way I wanted. Isn’t it boring for you this way? I ask as I grind my clit against him. Not at all, he assures me, and I continue to pleasure myself on top of him. It’s unfortunate that I apparently have the bones of an eighty-year-old woman, as my hips suddenly lock up with pain. Thanks, body.
We finish up with him cumming on me; how suitable when the hentai we’ve been watching has a girl who seems to end up covered in spunk at every opportunity. I’m not sure if it’s funny or sexy; I think it may be both.
On checkout day I let M lie in for a while, but end up giving in and waking him to make sure he gets packed and dressed in time. He eventually coaxes me out of my clothes – for a cuddle, of course – and soon has me sucking him off. This moves to me being on my hands and knees as he fucks my mouth, holding me up by my hair. This is one of my favourite things – I’m helpless to do anything as he enjoys me, and there’s little room for technique when you’re focusing on breathing.
He stops for a moment, and puts in that glorious We-Vibe. I think I’ve spoken about this in the past, but I need to say it again – you need this in your life and you need it now. Soon moans are escaping sluttishly from me, although they’re hard to hear with his cock pumping into my mouth. Just when I think that either he or I will need to come or else we’d both explode, he pushes me onto my back and blindfolds me. Now in the dark, he leaves me to fiddle about with the vibe as he busies himself with the suitcase of toys we brought with us.
As I’m wriggle about, he grabs my hands and binds them in front of me with PVC bondage tape – much better than sticky stuff as it won’t stick to me, just to itself. (It could be pretty fun to try wrapping up limbs with this stuff for some very cute kitten petplay. Remind me to suggest it sometime.) Now I’m blinded and bound, what’ll I do? I opt for looking cute. It generally works most of the time.
Apparently unaware of how adorable I am, M asks me how I feel about buttsex today. I’d been thinking of asking him for it anyway, so I’m relieved that he’s brought it up first. After lubing me up he starts pushing in a buttplug that I’ve been both curious and terrified about. Although a little painful (I think I was whingeing once every centimetre) once we get the angle right the vibrations become very pleasurable – more so when he pushes a pair of vibrating eggs inside my pussy.
I can’t help but gasp as he rubs my clit with the last vibe in the set – and it’s hard not to come when he begins to fuck me like that, vibes pressed between us and against us. He makes me hold me orgasm – more difficult than you’d think when you’ve been teased this way for the best part of an hour – and when I do I see sparks.
Lesson learned – always pack more sextoys than you think you’ll need.

Three’s Company

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Since coming out of a year long monogamous relationship with the guy I lost my virginity to last year, I have become pretty well acquainted with threesomes. My first poly relationship eventually became a triad with a guy and his girlfriend, so naturally many a threesome occurred during that time.

So what’s so great about threesomes anyway?

1) They’re fun.

Simple as! Sex is fun, sex with multiple people can be even more fun. And why shouldn’t it? If you’re comfortable with yourself and the others involved, don’t hold onto ridiculous notions of sex = love then go for it! Sex is messy, silly, naughty and fun and why shouldn’t you share the fun? My last threesome (last night, which spurred on this blogpost) was just like that – there was giggling and Alice in Wonderland references (“Change places!”) as we swapped spots in the bed. My first ever threesome involved a guy, a girl and a whole lot of chocolate cake.  And who’s hand is that anyway?

2) They fufill my kink.

YMMV on this one, but if you’re like me and have a bit of an exhibitionist kink, then threesomes are great. There is nothing quite as hot as being watched by someone as you fuck another person. A particularly fond memory of mine is a threesome involving my then boyfriend and a long distance lover who had come to visit. Sleepy morning sex with the boyfriend behind me, staring into the eyes of my lover. And then swapping partners.

3) They are really hot.

Another pretty simple one. It’s incredibly hot to be making out and then having lots of hands touching you. It feels naughty, a little bit wrong but a whole lot right. Having two people paying attention to your body and making just you, at that moment, feel good, makes you feel wanted, sexy, a goddamn fucking Goddess. And then, teaming up with someone to make another person feel like that – it’s fucking teamwork of the sexiest kind.

This is just a little bit of insight into my own personal reasons for enjoying threesomes. Everyone, of course, is different – and you might not even have had good experiences – so why not share in the comments?

Story time (NSFW)

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“Come here, kitty.”

I crawl on my hands and needs towards him, naked apart from the collar around my neck. The silver bell makes pleasing sound as I move.

I sit in front of him and cock my head. I am a curious cat. He strokes my head and I lean into it.

“Good kitty.” He strokes the back of my neck and I savour his touch.

I mew happily in reply.

“Show me what a good pet you are.” He says, releasing himself from his trousers.

I purr in the back of my throat as I start to lick, starting from the base and then very slowly to the very tip. Hard licks, slow licks alternating.

He grasps the back of my head and forces himself into my mouth. He moans as I purr and then gag.

“Such a good little pet.”

Manifesto (or, where are all the fucking natural dominants?)

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This is a guest post by Calanthe

I want to be used, I want your hand in my hair as you push me down at your feet and face-fuck me fluidly and tell me I’m a good girl afterwards; I want my hands held down steadily, reassuringly as you fuck me.

I need to be fucked, and well, and by someone who knows how. I need to be fucked even when I don’t think I want it, because when you enter me and start thrusting and hold me by my hips or my throat I’ll start enjoying it and know suddenly that’s exactly what I need.

I’m a woman, don’t you get that? I need to be fucked, I need to feel sexually desired by you. I need you to have a firm cock and staying power and want this more than me, so that when you’re in me you can follow your desires, use my body, don’t hold back.

Be straightforward, don’t make me feel like I have to tell you I want sex, if I’m dripping with need can’t you read that, can’t you take me — I’m quivering — and hold me and tell me in my ear what you’re going to do with me? All you need here is a brief affirmation, and then you don’t need to keep worrying, is this okay, am I pleasing her, oh-dear-maybe she’s had enough and I should slow down for fear of hurting her. I don’t need your anxieties and hang-ups, I need your solidity and acknowledgement of your desires and mine, and the determination to put them into action. I’m a woman, if I’m nervous and over-talkative, and not entirely making sense it’s probably because I need you to grasp me and speak in a low comforting voice and tell me it’s okay, you’re going to fuck me just as soon as we get home, and it won’t be long now, then keep a hand on the nape of my neck as you talk to the people you need to talk to.

I want you to idly finger my breasts, my face, my cunt even when you’re busy reading the newspaper and are more interested in that than sex. I need to feel wanted; this is my body, but sexually and sensually I need to share it with the touch of another body; your touch calms me and makes me still with contentment.

I’m a woman, I want to please you. I’ll fulfil your desires sexually, but please, give me what I want sexually. Don’t make me feel that oh well then, you’ll give me your attentions and might as well do it decently because why not? Let me glow in your unabashed, recurring want. Use me as a fuckslut to satisfy it, and then I’ll be satisfied and ready when you wake again wanting more.

Don’t try to hide it when you’re pressing hard against me in dance. Ask me if I want it, and I’ll say yes. I’m 24, I have a perfectly fuckable body, so why don’t you tell me that you want to fuck it? I don’t want someone I have to ask, it’s no fun if it’s for my benefit more than yours. Tell me that you want me. I want someone who knows what they want and knows how to try to get it. Make it so all I have to do is consent, maybe give you some information on how I like to be treated, then get on with it and don’t give me the chance to query whether you know best! I’m interested because I think you do; now’s the wrong time to destroy that. I’m here, take me firmly in your arms to caress; just as firmly position me well and fuck the breath out of me. I like it hard, I want you deep thrusting into me into me into me. If I’m crying out that means it’s good, I like it, maybe I want more. Try and see, but don’t stop! Don’t make me cry out in frustration, let me cry out in pleasure —oh!— as you slam into my cunt deeper than I think I can take it. Make my face run with tears, but let them be good tears.

Sure, you’ve been brainwashed into thinking you’re not allowed to tell women you want to fuck them, but that was in the sixties. I’m taking the time to try to reverse that damage. Do you get it now?